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Referee Information

Tired of terrible calls from the referees? Have you sat on the sideline and thought to yourself, "I can do a better job"? Well.... Then maybe "YOU" need to be a referee and make the difference.

Now's the time to get involved! RYSL is always in need of GOOD volunteer referees. Now's your chance to make the effort and bring your knowledge to the field and show us our mistakes as we are always trying to improve.

If you are interested now and don't want to wait until or can't make it to the next clinic, please click here for other dates and locations.

Who is the Referee?

They are the three individuals carrying either a whistle or a flag. Their uniforms are either black, gold, red, teal or blue. They are the referees or more correctly the referee and the assistant referees.

Referees are an integral part of the game of soccer. Their primary functions are to ensure that the laws of the game are followed and that the safety of the players is ensured.

What are their duties?

The duties of the referee are specific and carefully outlined. The referee has the authority to:

  • Enforce the laws of the game
  • Apply the advantage clause
  • Keep a careful record of the game
  • Terminate a game if deemed necessary
  • Caution players guilty of misconduct or unsportsmanlike behavior
  • Stop the game for serious injury
  • Allow no person other than players to enter the field of play
  • Send a player off the field
  • Signal for the game to start after a stoppage of play
  • Decide whether all other conditions are appropriate for play including the ball, field of play and player's equipment.

What are the Requirements?

Referees are proud of their contribution to soccer and take their appointments seriously. Their basic requirements are:

  • a love for the game of soccer
  • an understanding of the spirit and the letter of the laws;
  • superior physical condition;
  • cooperation with fellow officials;
  • personal flexibility that allows for a totally unemotional approach to all decisions despite experiencing the myriad of participant emotions during a typical game; and
  • to make the game of soccer enjoyable to play and watch.

So what does it take to become an RYSL referee?

The first step is to sign up. RYSL holds and sponsors an entry level clinic for our volunteer referees. An entry level or Grade R8, requires attendance of a 16-hr clinic wherein you learn about the Laws of the Game. You learn their interpretation and enforcement, as well as proper referee decorum and demeanor. From there, you can move up the grade level to state, national and FIFA levels if you so choose.

Once adults have completed 10 games and minors have completed 5 games, RYSL will reimburse you $40.00 of your uniform expenses. So, save those receipts! Failure to complete the indicated number of games will disqualify you from uniform reimbursement and could cause the league to impose a fee for clinic reimbursement. If you attend the clinic, please be sure to referee the required number of games. Your league really needs you!

Something to think about:

  • a player sees what he feels
  • a coach sees what he wants to see
  • a spectator sees what they think they see
  • a Referee sees what he sees

Please refrain from verbally abusing our referees. They are just volunteers who care about our program and dedicate their own time to ensure that your child's game is played safely and fairly.

They have taken the time to become certified by learning the laws of soccer and passing a FIFA certification test. Therefore, they do know the laws and how to apply them. Can they make mistakes? Yes they can. They are human and do interpret plays differently. If you can do a better job, by all means, please sign up. The training is free.

For more information about becoming a referee, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .